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JULY 2013
Jul. 26th,
7:30 pm
  Will the Real Terrorist Please Stand Up
(Part of "2 Days of Solidarity with Cuba in New York City”)

Saul Landau, 2010, 82 min

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  Will the Real Terrorist Please Stand Up chronicles half a century of hostile US relations to Cuba by telling the story of the Cuban Five, intelligence agents sent to penetrate Cuban exile terrorist groups in Miami and now serving long prison sentences. The film highlights decades of assassinations and sabotage at first backed by Washington, then ignored by the very government that launched a "war against terrorism". Renowned documentarian and activist Saul Landau landed interviews with the leading anti-Castro terrorists now in their 80's who recounted their deeds often with the blessing of the CIA as well as interviews with Cuban state security officials explaining why they sent the five agents to infiltrate the violent Miami exile groups. Featuring Danny Glover and Fidel Castro, the film raises and tries to answer the question: What did Cuba do to deserve such hostile treatment? Key events are traced including the Bay of Pigs and the Cuban Missile Crisis as well as the numerous attempts on Castro's life.

The film reveals a story of violence that also echoed on the streets of Washington DC, New York and especially Miami where critics of the real terrorists end up beaten, bombed and dead. Saul Landau is an internationally known scholar, author, commentator, and filmmaker on foreign and domestic policy issues. His films include Fidel, the first documentary chronicling Fidel Castro after the Cuban Revolution. He has made more than 40 films and TV programs on social, political, economic and historical issues.

Panel discussion following screening features historian Jane Franklin, author of “Cuban Foreign Relations” and “Cuba and the United States: A Chronological History.” Moderator, Nellie Bailey, Black Agenda Report & the July 26th Committee.

Jul. 27th,
9:00 pm
  Jenkins Brothers Nation Familes Presents: The Come Up
  The Come Up
Gregory Jenkins, 2012, 75 min

The Come Up, directed by Gregory Jenkins and written by Raheem Norris, is a drama film about 2 guys from Harlem (Rah and Scoot) struggling with 9 to 5 jobs and also struggling with the temptations of hitting the streets to do illegal activities. While working and earning an honest living, they hear about a new drug in Harlem called “Molly” from a local drug dealer named Rome and start to do business with him. While hitting the streets they go through the ups and downs of living in the hood, being fathers, dealing with women and living the fast life. One thing they didn’t know is that the fast life is not always a good life. They’re forced to deal with a lot of sacrifices and the question of, “Is a quick come up really worth it?.”


Sept. 16th,
  Documentary in Bloom
Curated by Livia Bloom
**U.S. Theatrical Premiere**
Price of Gold
Sept. 22nd
at 7:30 pm

Full week Run!

  Price of Gold
Sven Zellner, 2012, 86 mins
Gold: today’s most popular investment product. This astounding film is the first to document the illegal gold-diggers in Mongolia’s Gobi Desert risking their lives for a few grams of the precious mineral. While the speculative market value of gold in the Western world holds little relation to any tangible yardstick, the film describes in very direct and stark images what it means to prospect for gold by hand, in brutal conditions eerily reminiscent of the California Gold Rush during the late 19th- century. In amazingly intimate shots, Sven Zellner shows us the people at the other end of the world who pay the real price of gold.

“The setting is the Gobi Desert, a barren, golden landscape where desperate Mongolian nomads, known as “ninjas,” search for leftover gold veins that the giant international mining companies might have overlooked when they swept through the area years ago. The equipment is crude. The language is foul. They treat women (there is one female cook) like chattel, and each other like dirt. Sven Zellner, an accomplished photographer, spent years earning the trust of this scrappy group, which he follows into the claustrophobic shafts and the cramped quarters of the makeshift tent. His cinematography is breathtaking, and he drives home the inherent dangers of this illegal trade.” —Gayle MacDonald, The Globe and Mail

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