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New Media
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Seeking intern applicants interested in gaining practical experience in online promotion, website development and strategy, and the general workings of a small not-for-profit theater and film education program. Each intern is encouraged to read widely, generate ideas and approach problems creatively.

An ideal New Media intern is:

    a competent writer who can flow between the formal style of a newsletter to the informal conversational tone of Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook
    has some (even if only in a classroom setting) experience building and designing websites, knows at least basic html and css, likes to problem solve and has a knack for getting people excited to click links and purchase tickets in the short-attention-span internet universe.
    Even better, but not necessary: can do both!
Use this internship to gain real world experience in promoting a not-for-profit and brush up on/flex your coding skills. Experience with the Adobe suite (Dreamweaver, Photoshop) required for those who want to get their hands on the site, but not for those who are more interested in the social networking and promotions.

We also have a new (as-yet-unpublished) site and are looking for someone who is very comfortable coding in HTML, CSS, plus PHP and/or JavaScript for a more focused internship dedicated to further developing the site.

Please submit :
    Completed New Media Application (questions below)
    Cover letter in the form of a personal statement of no more than 500 words, explaining why you would like to take part in the internship program and letting us know something about yourself your interests, concerns, ideas.
    Your resume - include a list of relevant skill sets including computer skills: programs you are most familiar with (be as honest as possible about your degree of proficiency) and the programs would you like to learn more about.
    Optional - link(s) to a website (or sites) which you built, contributed to, or where you have posted other work of your own that you believe would be relevant to this internship (writing, film, art, or a blog).
Incomplete applications will not be acknowledged. Interviews for finalists will be set up after the above materials have been received and evaluated.

Submit completed application materials to either:
    [email protected] with subject heading “New Media Internship”
    Nora Lovotti, Internship Coordinator / The Maysles Cinema / 343 Lenox Ave / New York, NY, 10027
Direct questions about the internship program or application process to: [email protected]

Please answer two of the four following questions. Answers need not be longer than 300 words, but please be specific. Feel free to include any relevant links.
    1. Hypothetical: The Maysles Cinema is hosting an upcoming series on films about Peacemakers (look at the november 2009 archive for a sample series: What We Want is Peace). Write a paragraph (no more than 300 words) about how would you go about promoting this online (as well as outside sources, you would have access to our website, a vimeo, youtube, facebook - page and group-, tumblr, four square, and twitter acct)? Be succinct but specific.
    2. Look at the Maysles Institute Website - write a paragraph (no more than 300 words) about one or two ways you could improve the site (additional pages, different content, different organization?). Explain your reasoning and how you would go about it. Be succinct but specific.
    3. List 5 of your favorite websites, blogs, podcasts or vlogs. Include a sentence about each explaining why it made it onto your list.
    4. Write two short paragraphs one describing any research and/or production experience you may have, the other detailing your organizational skills. Use specific examples from your experience to demonstrate your ability to juggle several projects at once and to meet deadlines.