Founded by Lynn True and Nelson Walker III in partnership with the Maysles Institute, the Kham Film Project works in three main areas:

Documentary Film:

Summer Pasture (a.k.a. A Nomad's Life) is a feature-length documentary shot in the high grasslands of Zachukha county, eastern Tibet. The film follows a young nomadic family as they attempt to reconcile their pastoral way of life with a rapidly modernizing Tibet. Supported by funding from the Sundance Institute Documentary Film Program, Cinereach, Center for Asian American Media, IDA Pare Lorentz Finishing Fund, and the Shelley & Donald Rubin Foundation, among others, Summer Pasture had its world premiere at the 2010 Full Frame Documentary Film Festival where it won the Inspiration Award Honorable Mention. More information and latest updates can be found at

Participatory Video:

The Kham Participatory Video Series is a collection of short films made in collaboration with local Tibetan communities. The 4-DVD series features films from Ba Lhagang, Chungba, Dzongsar, and Sershul.

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Filmmaking Training Workshops:

Designed for groups and organizations seeking an introduction to basic filmmaking technology and techniques to become self-sufficient in meeting their own production needs.

Contributing Filmmakers:
Rigpi Dorje
Cecil Matthai Esquivel-Obregón
Philip Maysles
Keefe Murren
Tsering Perlo

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